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Customised packaging

In addition to manufacturing corrugated trays, our portfolio also includes a packaging design service. Every custom packaging product goes through a process of graphic design, pattern preparation and testing before it is implemented by us. If such a test is successful, the design is implemented. This applies to the tray solutions we offer for the food industry, as well as to other designs.

Designing customised paperboard packaging – what the process and cooperation with Kraft-box looks like


The technology at our disposal allows us to carry out custom packaging production of any packaging that can be made from cardboard. .  


Our design team creates a proposal that meets the customer’s requirements on the basis of descriptive guidelines, preliminary drawings or sketches. Such a custom packaging design is carefully drawn up in the first design phase. A 1:1 grid is created, and the technological feasibility of producing such packaging is verified at this time. When creating the grid and selecting the machine to produce the expected packaging, the designer takes into account the type of cardboard chosen, technological possibilities, volume, repeatability of the order and production costs. All these factors ultimately influence the final price of the customised packaging. Currently, our offer is enriched by 3D designs and visualisations, which significantly facilitate the analysis of the created article. It is also a solution that concretises the appearance of the final product. For those with less spatial imagination, this is an excellent solution. It helps to avoid exposing oneself to unnecessary costs.


Once the design has been approved and the type of cardboard and glue has been selected, the designed packaging goes to the pattern shop, where it is processed and prepared for the production of a custom packaging design. The prototype thus created is verified with the customer in terms of use, quality and durability.


Once the design passes the tests, it is the green light to prepare the production line and fulfil the order.

Customised packaging


Cut packaging is cardboard packaging made from die-cut cardboard. Due to their strength qualities, they are typically used for transport and storage.


They are cut from a single cardboard panel. Their construction is prepared in such a way that, once folded, the box can be closed without the use of adhesive tape or glue. They are distinguished by their aesthetically pleasing appearance, their compact and stable construction, the easy matching of the design according to the FEFCO catalogue and the fact that no other protection against opening is required. This universal solution is suitable for any industry.


Corrugated cardboard packaging with the required certificates can be used in the catering industry, e.g. by pastry shops and pizzerias, as well as in the clothing and drugstore sectors. The cardboard we use to make such packaging is fully ecological and can be recycled. The cardboard we use is strong and durable, which allows it to be used in a variety of difficult conditions.


When designing a customised box, it is possible to give it the desired shape and capacity. This solution offers the possibility of creating a customised box that is open, closed, with additional handles or ventilation holes. The most popular example of a customised box is the bottle box. Special holes can be cut into it so that the product does not move. It is also common to cut out a handy handle. For unusual shapes, patterns or prints, we use a dedicated peripheral device such as a plotter.


Customised printing on packaging


Custom packaging can be printed with digital, offset or flexographic printing, which is fully eco-friendly. Colourful graphics printed on the box make a great advertising or information medium. Such solutions serve to promote the brand and the product. An overprint with a visible manufacturer’s logo on the box also adds prestige and advertising to the goods offered in the current sale. In addition to the advertising aspect, the overprint offers the possibility of including technical data, commercial information, advantages or warnings regarding the use of the product on the packaging.


The customised cardboard packaging produced can be printed with any graphics. Our machines enable us to apply UV printing to any material.  


Custom printed cardboard packaging for the FMCG sector must meet stringent food contact requirements. We therefore use UV printing, which can be used in the food or cosmetics sectors. This technology uses a special type of polymer ink that is cured under the influence of ultraviolet light. UV prints can be carried out both on roll-fed surfaces such as paper, film and fabric and on plates such as plexiglass, glass or metal. The prints are robust and weatherproof. This technology also gives the ability to accurately reproduce any image on a given surface.


Our custom packaging design services are part of the offer when placing an order. For our customers, this is carried out as part of the cooperation on each individual order.  


We also offer 3D design and visualisation services for packaging and other items.

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We specialize in packaging for the fruit and vegetable market. We also create excellent packaging for the meat, poultry and dairy industries. These include packaging both for manual folding and glued on modern folder-gluer machines from a leading company in the European market.