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Hot melt adhesives

Joints in cardboard packaging often need to be reinforced with a special paperboard adhesive, as not every substance is suitable for this, if only because of food contact requirements.
kleje termotopliwe do tektury Kraft-Box

If you are looking for a good paperboard adhesive to make storing and transporting goods even safer, contact the specialists at Kraft-Box. We offer proven and only high-quality adhesives for paperboard.


We have an extensive range of hot melt adhesives. We will be happy to help you choose the best solution.


What are hot melt adhesives used for and what are they?


Hot melt adhesives are ideal for e.g:

  • joining individual cardboard parts,
  • making up cardboard packs,
  • stacking cardboard on a pallet for transport.


As is well known, adhesives for paperboard are indispensable, among others, in the food industry, where paperboard packaging and trays are commonly used for storing and transporting fruit, vegetables or meat.sa.


Hot melt adhesives in the Kraft-Box range


You will find hot-melt adhesives for paperboard among the Kraft-Box range. These are high-quality hot melt adhesives based on new generation polymers.

As a result, the hot melt adhesives in the Kraft-Box range provide:


  • high bonding quality,
  • no smoke or carbonisation during use,,
  • transparency and odourlessness, making them ideal for use in food packaging,
  • fast performance and high strength.


The hot-melt adhesives in the Kraft-Box range have not only been developed for cardboard packaging. They are also perfect for use in, for example, shopping nets and packaging/trays that will be subjected to a long-term freezing process together with food.


It is worth noting that the hot melt adhesives offered by our company have all the European approvals that confirm their safe use in food contact packaging.


Do you need more detailed information on adhesives for paperboard or others? Contact us!


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