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Advertising display

A cardboard display is a type of display equipped with shelves used to present products and products. It is most often displayed in shops as an additional display or to highlight, for example, a promotion, a sale, or a limited series.

Cardboard displays


The most well-known and popular advertising display is the cardboard shelf stand seen in most shops. Display packaging is colourfully printed and arouses curiosity and interest. The mobility and ease of installation of cardboard displays are the biggest advantages of this solution. This advertising display is a popular promotional element when displaying products, but it also works well as an additional shelf. The size of such a stand is usually ¼ of a classic pallet, so it is easy to fit it into the available space in shops; the height is approximately 140-160 cm. The colour printing on the sides and the topper are informative and advertising.


Countertop display packaging


Another popular display is the countertop display. This is a type of smaller display, usually set up on a countertop or on shelves/store shelves, for leaflets or smaller products. This countertop display is ideal for the cosmetics or pharmaceutical sectors. Its surface can be freely printed and can be used for advertising or information purposes. The countertop version can also be a flat display, consisting of an information board only.


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