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Cardboard furniture

Despite appearances, cardboard furniture is very durable. Nothing stands in the way of creating paperboard furniture such as: a cardboard armchair or a cardboard chair for adult comfort. At Kraft-Box, we fulfil individual orders for cardboard furniture.
meble z tektury, meble tekturowe firmy Kraft-Box

Cardboard furniture. Ecological, durable, original.


Cardboard is a raw material that can be used not only to make durable packaging and advertising stands, but also cardboard furniture. It is an ecological solution that will work well in any home, business or showroom.


The most important advantages of cardboard furniture


Table, chair, armchair, sofa, shelves – all these items can be produced from cardboard. With the help of modern machines at Kraft-Box, we are able to create customised cardboard furniture. And what advantages do paperboard furniture have?


  • Paperboard furniture is lightweight – you don’t need help to bring it in or move it around.
  • And yet at the same time they are very sturdy – a chair or armchair made of paperboard can also easily withstand the weight of an adult.
  • Easy to assemble paperboard furniture – you can easily manage the assembly of cardboard furniture parts, usually without the need for additional tools.
  • Ideal not only for the home – paperboard furniture is perfect for corporate events, trade fairs or outdoor events, for example.
  • The paperboard we use to create furniture is an environmentally friendly raw material that is easy to recycle. Using eco-friendly materials will also improve your company’s image.


Take advantage of the Kraft-Box offer for paperboard furniture


If you’re looking for an original solution to furnish your space, let’s talk about producing paperboard furniture. We’ll design it to your specifications and then manufacture it on modern machines at Kraft-Box.


If you wish, we can also place the elements you specify on the furniture, such as your company or brand logo.


Contact us and check out the details of our paperboard furniture proposal.


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