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Paperboard packaging

Paperboard packaging is an excellent alternative to plastic packaging. Durable and environmentally friendly, they prove themselves in the food industry, for example. At Kraft-Box we will design and produce the best cardboard packaging for your company, as we are a packaging manufacturer with many years of experience.

Paperboard packaging. See why you should use them.



Corrugated paperboard packaging, in the production of which Kraft-Box specialises, is distinguished by its durability and precise workmanship. However, it is worth thinking carefully about what type of packaging will be ideal for your company’s products. Here are some suggestions.



Paperboard packaging. Which one to choose?



Cardboard packaging is often used for the storage and transport of fruit and vegetables. In this case, reinforced cardboard boxes that can be stacked (stackable) so as not to damage the goods work very well. Tailor-made cardboard lids can also be produced.


In the meat industry, for example, corrugated paperboard trays on which products can be stacked are popular. Suffice it to say that meat stored this way stays fresh longer and can be presented in the shop.


However, if you expect the shape of the corrugated paperboard packaging to be exactly matched to any product, this means that you need so-called cut packaging – ideal for presenting products aesthetically on the shelves.


In the offer of Kraft-Box, which is a long-standing manufacturer of paperboard packaging, you will also find standard cardboard packaging with a flap. They have a number of applications, for example in transport.

What advantages do corrugated paperboard packaging have?



These examples show the most important applications for corrugated paperboard packaging available from Kraft-Box. Regardless of their specific type, they all share common advantages. Here are the most important ones:

  • We manufacture paperboard packaging from natural materials, which means it can come into contact with fresh food products.
  • They are fully biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly.
  • Corrugated paperboard has a very high strength, which makes it easier to transport packaging and display it in shops.
  • Paperboard packaging offers many possibilities when it comes to tailoring its sizes and shapes for specific products.


If you are looking for paperboard packaging for products from your company, contact Kraft-Box. We will help you choose the best solution – choose the best paperboard packaging manufacturer.

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