materiały POS z tektury

Paperboard POS materials

POS items are all kinds of small structures that are used to promote a particular product.

POS materials


In this group we find wobblers, hangars, dispensers, spatial letters, shelfstoppers. We can also include perforated display boxes. These are product packaging with colourful advertising graphics, which, after the removal of the perforated part, we have a representative promotional display. We most often see POS materials with displays that contain products such as sweets, batteries, or other small products.


The production of POS materials is an area in which we specialise. Our task is to provide high-quality, functional and aesthetically pleasing advertising solutions. Distribution of POS materials is done strategically to reach key points of sale where these tools can most effectively interact with customers. Pos cardboard and pos display cardboard are specific forms of POS materials that use cardboard to create attractive and functional advertising media. These innovative approaches to presenting products at the point of purchase are an important part of today’s marketing strategies, providing effective sales support.

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