Trays are made in a strong and stable construction of 3 and 5 layer cardboard, most often used for storing and transporting fruit and vegetables. We manufacture paperboard trays with stackable and customisable lids.

The manufacturer of paperboard trays plays an important role in providing practical and environmentally friendly solutions to the packaging industry. We specialise in the production of paperboard trays. We offer a wide range of products to suit different applications. Paperboard trays are not only durable packaging, but also convenient and easy-to-use solutions, ideal for handling and serving food products. Thanks to our diligence as a manufacturer of paperboard trays, customers can count on high quality materials, aesthetically pleasing workmanship and varied sizes to meet different market needs.

Our advanced technologies and innovative approach also enable us to tailor packaging to individual customer requirements. As a Kraft-box, or paperboard tray manufacturer, we take care of the ecological aspect of our products, using environmentally friendly materials and sustainable production practices. As a result, companies in a variety of industries, such as the catering or food industry, can certainly rely on us and our paperboard trays, or other packaging, as a reliable partner, providing functional and environmentally friendly container solutions.

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Our other products

We specialize in packaging for the fruit and vegetable market. We also create excellent packaging for the meat, poultry and dairy industries. These include packaging both for manual folding and glued on modern folder-gluer machines from a leading company in the European market.