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Packaging for the meat industry

Today, food packaging dominates the market. They can be found everywhere, buying any product that is usually placed in a single-use container.

Why is food packaging so popular?


Food packaging is so popular mainly for hygienic reasons, but also because of the issue of transport and storage of products. Food products in packaging designed for food contact definitely keep their freshness longer. The meat industry has much stricter criteria. The handling and processing of meat requires speed and subsequent picking. Hence the importance of providing suitable food packaging, which ultimately also speeds up logistical processes. The consumer expects the product delivered to him to be of the highest quality, fresh and packed sterile. This is where the manufacturer of cardboard food packaging also plays an important role. In the past, meat and processed meat products could be purchased in specially dedicated shops. Nowadays, they are available in almost every grocery shop, thanks to modern food packaging.


The corrugated cardboard food packaging we produce is an innovative solution that is rapidly gaining ground in the market, but we are also able to produce non-standard food packaging from this material. Corrugated cardboard is a fully ecological material, therefore our products can certainly be described as ecological food packaging, which is created by processing virgin wood fibres. The paper sourced and used in our production is FSC® certified. FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is a programme based on the principles of sustainable development and responsible practices relating to forest management practices. The certificate guarantees that the raw materials acquired from verified and properly managed sources. This is why our packaging designed for food contact is so appreciated by various circles, not only from the food industry.

The tray produced is fully biodegradable, thanks to the using materials of natural origin. With environmental and ecosystem concerns in mind and ecosystem, the goods we produce are safe and can be recycled. Every article produced in our factory undergoes a detailed quality and durability checks. The production of food packaging is carried out under conditions that meet the high sanitary standards required in the food industry. sanitary standards required by the food industry.


The corrugated cardboard tray parcel logistics we have is highly ergonomic and economical, which translates into a reduced transport and storage costs.


The construction of the tray consists of one or two layers of smooth cardboard and one layer of corrugated cardboard – this construction provides excellent shock or impact absorption. This ensures that the contents stored on the tray do not become deformed or damaged. It is for this reason that we, as a manufacturer of food packaging, can guarantee the high quality of our products.

What kind of cardboard food packaging is produced for the meat industry?

The size of such food packaging as trays is standardised or prepared according to customer requirements. Standardisation of the tray size definitely facilitates and speeds up the process of production. It is also adapted to the classic sizes of containers for food storage containers. This also significantly significantly reduces the costs associated with costs associated with transport.


The edge of the tray is adapted to the type of product and form of transport. The height of the edge is selected in each case according to the height of the product. Its main purpose is to protect the goods against damage. In addition, it can have an informative and advertising function. It is an excellent place to product information, composition, expiry date, logos or other information. It is the part that, with multiple layers of storage, is perfectly visible.


The cardboard used in the production of food packaging is also air-permeable, so that the the product retains its natural appearance and fresh aroma for longer. Its permeability also plays an important role in refrigerated storage processes. Freezing of products packed in corrugated cardboard packaging is fast, which is important for preserving the freshness of goods.


High moisture resistance is another advantage of corrugated cardboard trays. As a manufacturer of food packaging, we ensure that our products can be successfully stored and transported safely in cold stores. The strength properties of the tray mean that the food packaging retains its shape and form throughout the entire period from packaging of the product, transport, storage and presentation on the shelf in the shop.  


Coloured food packaging is a container that definitely sets a product apart from the competition. When it comes to the packaging of meat products, which are largely stored under refrigeration, it is worth paying attention to the printing technique. UV printing is currently the most commonly used. This is a technique involving the use of special polymers which, under the influence of UV light, become fixed on any surface. This technique is ideal for printing on corrugated cardboard trays. Despite sub-zero temperatures, the colours retain their intensity and the print does not become distorted. The printing is precise, durable and resistant to weather and abrasion. The UV printing technique is fully ecological, as it uses inks that are free of any solvents or harmful fumes. It is therefore also safe for use in the meat industry and in other food containers of our production.


Consumers are placing increasingly high demands on food packaging in particular. In addition to their main function of storage and, they are also expected to have other properties: among others, to protect against UV radiation, to extend the storage, be environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable. The dynamics and development of the meat industry are placing ever-increasing demands on manufacturers of food packaging. The final judgement is made by the consumer when standing at the shelf. Hence it is so important to take care of all the details at every stage as a manufacturer of cardboard food packaging.

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