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Display stands

Due to the specific nature of our business and our extensive experience in the realisation of packaging for various industries, we have created a section designing advertising booths and stands. Advertising stands, or advertising displays, are the ideal solution for complementing the display of products in a shop. They are a frequently used form of merchandise display, whether on a counter, shelf or standing, for example, on a pallet. The production of stands is extremely popular both in Poland and throughout Europe and the world.

Cardboard advertising stands


Advertising stands have become a permanent feature of our surroundings. They can be found both in large-format shops and in small local shops or institutions of various types. The main task of a paperboard stand is to attract the attention of a potential customer.


Advertising booths play various roles. Most often it is simply a form of advertising and brand promotion. And also an additional form of placing products in a shop when there is no more space on the shelves. Sometimes advertising stands also have an informative role, e.g. directing you to a particular place or serving as storage for all kinds of printed material, for example. Either way, the use of advertising booths can be versatile.


The corrugated paperboard advertising stands we design are becoming increasingly popular. This is due to the multitude of solutions that can be applied to corrugated board, as well as its relatively low price and excellent quality.  


The construction of the advertising stand allows goods of considerable weight to be displayed. The load-bearing capacity of one shelf is approximately 20 kilograms. The advertising stand itself is quite light and easy to assemble. As a rule, the advertising booth forms a single unit that only needs to be unfolded. When designing the advertising stand, our designers take into account all aspects related to the simplicity of assembly so that any person can handle it.


The standard cardboard stand has a dimension at the base of the mini pallet or 60 x 40 cm and a height of approximately 140 cm. Of course, there is the possibility of any modification of the advertising stand depending on your needs. Tall stands are made of minimum 3-layer corrugated cardboard – this is a question of the durability of the advertising booth. Each time our designer chooses the thickness of the cardboard depending on the goods to be displayed on the stand.


The cardboard used for the advertising stand can be either natural grey or bleached. The advertising booth can be in the natural colour of the cardboard or in full colour. Each element of the advertising display can be printed freely, creating an original design that makes the product stand out from the competition. The technique we use for printing on stands is usually digital UV printing. This guarantees perfect reproduction of the design, high print quality and long-lasting exposure. Each element can also be refined, e.g. with matt or glossy foil, resulting in a premium quality effect.


The cardboard used to make the stand is fully eco-friendly and biodegradable. It meets the stringent standards of the FSC® certificate. The certificate guarantees that the raw materials obtained come from verified and properly managed sources. As a manufacturer of advertising stands, we only use reliable suppliers.




How are advertising stands made?


Once the needs have been identified and the design brief established, our designers prepare a grid for the advertising stand. When creating a modular stand, the dimensions of the cardboard booth, the load-bearing capacity of the shelves and the whole advertising booth, visual suggestions and issues related to the durability of the stand, i.e. the duration of exposure, are taken into account. If the advertising stand is to be printed, the customer prepares a graphic design for the printing on the advertising booth based on the prepared grid. After we receive the ready project, our designer prepares a 3D design of the advertising display. This is the moment when all remarks, corrections or suggestions can be easily spotted and taken into account in the final design of the advertising stand.


If the design meets the customer’s expectations, it is sent to the pattern shop where a prototype is made, which can be printed in colour at the customer’s request. The final prototype of the advertising stand is sent to the customer for testing in order to verify the technical aspects of the advertising booth, such as whether the selected products will fit on the shelves. If the prototype passes the tests successfully, the project is transferred to the production line.


The production of the stands is a process that is verified and checked at every stage so that the final advertising stand is an identical reproduction of the prototype. The displays produced in this way are packed flat on pallets and sent to the recipient – this is the cheapest transport option and a guarantee that the stands will remain intact in quality.


The advertising stands, racks or POS materials we design can be of any size, shape or printed, creating products for any order, even the most unusual. The proposals prepared by our designers meet the requirements for structural strength and safety in use, all thanks to the fact that we have been producing advertising stands for many years.




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