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Advertisting stands

Simple to assemble, inexpensive and environmentally friendly – these are the cardboard leaflet stands available from Kraft-Box.

If you are looking for a good way to display your company’s products in shops or at events, contact the experts at Kraft-Box. We will discuss your needs and carry out the entire project – you can entrust us not only with the production, but also with creating the design of the items.


Cardboard advertising stands – applications  


Cardboard leaflet stands a5, a4, dl from Kraft-Box are a type of display that works well in many places, such as:


  • exposure of food products in shops,
  • exposition of other goods, e.g. electronics, toys or cosmetics,
  • exposition of other goods, e.g. electronics, toys or cosmetics, the display of company catalogues at trade fairs and events.


An important feature of the cardboard stands from Kraft-Box is their durability. The several layers of cardboard make it possible to plan the safe placement of heavier items, such as bottles of drinks, on them as well.  


The cardboard stands are also very easy to assemble. When folded into packs, they take up little space during transport. They can be assembled at the destination without any problems.


Cardboard leaflet stands from Kraft-Box – design and realisation


It is worth remembering that the cardboard stand is, above all, a very good medium for an advertising message. The potential customer pays attention to the shape of the stand and the graphic elements that are presented on it.


If you have a ready-made design for a free-standing leaflet stand, you are welcome to come to Kraft-Box. We will produce the expected number of cardboard advertising stands on modern machines to ensure the best possible product quality.


We also encourage you to take advantage of the knowledge and vast experience of our designers. Let us know your expectations for your advertising stands and we will suggest the technical and visual solutions that will work best for your specific product type and display locations.


Kraft-Box cardboard advertising stands are made from environmentally friendly materials that are easily recycled after use. We also use environmentally friendly adhesives. There are therefore no safety concerns, for example when coming into contact with food.

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