As a packaging manufacturer, we produce various cardboard protection and packaging used in various branches of the food sector. Our products are used, for example, by subjects in the fruit and vegetable, as well as meat and dairy industries. As a manufacturer of cardboard and paperboard packaging, we specialise in creating innovative and durable packaging that meets the diverse needs of many industries from food to pharmaceutical packaging. As a manufacturer of paperboard packaging, our range includes cardboard packaging in a variety of shapes and sizes, including corrugated cardboard. We also supply pharmaceutical packaging, sushi packaging. Thanks to diverse range of products, we, as a packaging manufacturer, are a long-term partner partner to a large number of companies in various sectors, offering a comprehensive service from design to delivery.




Personalized products through marking

Individual dimensions

Nowadays, single-use packaging has dominated the market. They can be found everywhere; when you buy any product, it usually comes in single-use packaging. We are a manufacturer of packaging also for the meat industry, which is for obvious reasons extremely demanding, but we are able to meet even the highest quality requirements.

As a manufacturer of food packaging, we can strongly emphasise that packaging is an essential element in ensuring the freshness of the delivery of fruit and vegetables to their final destination.

Die cut packages are packages adapted to the shape of the of the product being stored. Die cut cardboards are most often used for product packaging that requires the articles to be kept in unchanged position.

Paperboard packaging is an excellent alternative to plastic packaging. Durable and environmentally friendly, they prove themselves in the food industry, for example. It is worth ensuring that a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard packaging should have many years of experience in this specific industry, which, as in our case, is confirmed by reliable references.

In addition to the production of corrugated cardboard trays, our portfolio also includes packaging design. We are able to produce printed cardboard packaging as a manufacturer.

Trays are made in a strong and stable construction of cardboard with 3 and 5 layers, most commonly used for storing and transporting fruits and vegetables.