POS materials

An advertising stand is the perfect complement to a shop display – POS materials for many industries

The POS cardboard manufacturer plays a key role in supplying high-quality POS advertising materials to points of sale. Innovative POS materials are not only marketing tools, but also effective presentation tools that can make products stand out from the competition. Distribution of POS materials is a strategic element to reach the target shopping areas and effectively strengthen the brand presence. It is worth emphasising that the installation of POS materials must be done carefully to ensure an attractive presentation that effectively convinces customers to make a purchase. POS materials therefore play a key role in promoting products at the point of sale, helping to build brand recognition and increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Products in prominently displayed stands marked with a brand’s logo can be presented, for example, on the counter, shelves or in the aisles between them.

We will create professional stands (POS materials) tailored to your company’s needs.

Countertop displays


Cardboard stands

Personalization of products through marking

POS materials made of cardboard

The smallest size POS materials, for display usually on a shelf or counter. They are usually both a packaging and transport container for products, while also serving a representative function.

They can be solid or modular and resemble a display rack in appearance. They may additionally have an advertising topper at the top.

Totems, figures, free-form shapes – these are decorative elements referring to a chosen action or occasion (promotion, campaign, etc.).

Display decoration made of cardboard is another aspect of POS materials that allows for the creation of attractive and creative product presentations in shops or at trade fairs. Cardboard POS materials include: pallet wraps, display decorations, sale baskets