Other services

We are ready not only to produce packaging or stands from a ready-made template, but also to design them from scratch.

Let us discuss your company’s needs.

You can also entrust us with the production of cardboard furniture, among other things.

Kartonowe rzeźby 3D – wykonane z tektury falistej o dowolnym kształcie.

Despite appearances, cardboard furniture is very durable. Nothing stands in the way of creating paperboard furniture such as: a cardboard armchair or a cardboard chair for adult comfort. At Kraft-Box, we fulfil individual orders for cardboard furniture.

Turning on numerically controlled

Milling on numerically controlled


Servicing of folding-gluing machines

Electroplating treatment

Joints in cardboard packaging often need to be reinforced with a special paperboard adhesive, as not every substance is suitable for this, if only because of food contact requirements.

Our many years of experience and specialist knowledge make it possible for us to quickly and accurately diagnose faults and then rectify them by carrying out appropriate repairs to the folding-gluing machines. In addition, the efficient servicing of folding-gluing machines prevents large losses due to machine downtime.

The rental of folding machines is a service consisting of making machines available to customers for a contractually defined period of time. The benefits of machine hire are primarily time and money savings. Customers do not have to invest in the purchase of a folding-gluing machine which is only needed for a short period of time.