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Folding-gluing machines

Nowadays, the market expects top-quality, well-protected goods in robust packaging. There is a wide range of packaging on the market, as well as a variety of solutions, but it is worth bearing in mind the changing regulations and legislation, economic issues and the increasing encroachment of environmental issues. Another issue is process lead times.
składarko-sklejarki Kraft-Box

Cardboard folding machine and cartboard gluing machine


When producing goods, every entrepreneur knows that it requires good quality packaging. Nowadays, development and the high demands of preserving ecological qualities place a premium on cardboard packaging. This solution is becoming increasingly popular due to its manufacturing processes, its versatility and its quality.


In addition to the production of cardboard packaging, our range also includes machines for the automatic forming of cardboard trays for the meat, fruit and vegetable and bakery industries, i.e. cardboard folding machines.




Our machines


Machines such as cardboard folding and gluing machines carry out the process starting with folding the cardboard into the expected shape according to pre-programmed parameters. Then, once the cardboard is folded into a tray, the cycle of packaging and packaging of the goods begins. The entire process is fine-tuned to take into account the company’s machinery.


Our designers and service engineers develop a system that takes into account the production cycle at the customer. The packaging machine is selected to take into account the specific characteristics of the goods and the process steps. The distribution system created by the service technicians is configured in such a way as to guarantee high packing quality and minimise any damage or errors. Technically, the service technicians connect the production equipment in the plant with the packaging and packing machines. All these activities are aimed at speeding up the packaging process, increasing productivity and the quality of the final product.


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Certified and environmentally friendly adhesives in folder-gluers


The machines we offer are suitable for working with cardboard. The adhesives used in the process, used in our machines, are safe products and have the required quality certificates.


Each adhesive process is carefully verified and controlled. The adhesive is selected on the basis of analyses and quality tests. The choice of adhesive is also influenced by the result of the adhesive property test, depending on the adhesive application methods (speed, processing time and temperature). Another factor influencing the selection of the adhesive is the adhesive performance tests, including: dynamometer tests, resistance to high and/or low temperatures, water resistance, etc.


The adhesives most commonly used by us are hot-melt adhesives, commonly found in food packaging. The main component of this adhesive is an ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymer. The most common adhesive is styrene-butadiene-styrene block copolymer (SBS) and styrene or amorphous polyolefins (APAO). The whole is completed by additives, for example: paraffin, viscous resins, plus pigments, fillers and others. All these additives aim to optimise the physical, chemical or mechanical properties of the adhesive.


The adhesives described above dissolve at 150 degrees, at which point they activate their adhesive properties. They can be applied by both the manufacturer and the packer, as well as by dedicated machines. They are applied hot. When exposed to moisture and oxygen – they dry quickly and harden. Copolymer adhesives perform well at both low and high temperatures in cardboard gluing machines.


The adhesives we use in cardboard gluing machines are completely safe for the environment and the surroundings and can be successfully used in the food, meat, vegetable and fruit industries. The speed of bonding is an absolute advantage in the indicated industries.


We are an industry leader in the production and implementation of automated packaging lines both in Poland and abroad. Our packaging solutions are designed for forming, filling, closing and palletising packaging. We participate in training courses, meetings and international trade fairs seeking and constantly developing our technological solutions. We regularly use and implement the knowledge gained at conferences and conventions on developments in the packaging industry into our systems and processes. The entire packaging process is completely safe and simple to implement. The off-the-shelf software developed by our development team carries out the entire process independently. In order to implement the system in a company, a thorough analysis of the production cycle and the adaptation of the solution to the possibilities in the plant will be required.


The process of selecting the right equipment to support the packing and packaging process is not too complicated. However, it requires close cooperation between the company’s technologist and our designers and service engineers. On the basis of the production cycle and expectations, we create a personalised solution for the given plant, meeting its expectations and needs, so as a manufacturer of folder-gluers, we can offer high-quality equipment.


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We specialize in packaging for the fruit and vegetable market. We also create excellent packaging for the meat, poultry and dairy industries. These include packaging both for manual folding and glued on modern folder-gluer machines from a leading company in the European market.