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Fruit and vegetable packaging

As is well known, fruit and vegetable cardboards are an essential element in ensuring the freshness of these products during delivery to their final destination. Starting from the manufacturer of the said food products, where the products are packed in pre-delivered containers prepared and designed by the fruit and vegetables packaging manufacturer, to the wholesaler, transport and logistics, to the retail trade, everyone makes sure that they are properly stored in the right fruit and vegetable containers.

Transport in fruit and vegetable packaging.

Fruit and vegetables are perishable products, which is why proper packaging for fruit and vegetables at each stage of delivery is so important. It used to be that fresh produce was transported in large fruit and vegetable containers and in bulk, which might seem like a cost saving, but however, it caused huge losses of goods. Products arrived damaged, crushed or completely unsuitable for or completely unsaleable. This led to huge losses and wastage of food.

Today, every planter or orchardist nowadays ensures that their harvest is properly stored, transported and finally presented to the customer. This is why its packaging is so important, and this is where the fruit and vegetable manufacturer of packaging for fruit and vegetables plays a major role.


Corrugated cardboard trays – an innovative solution used by a manufacturer of fruit and vegetable containers.


Our range of corrugated paper trays will ensure freshness and high quality produce at every stage of the supply chain.


The fruit and vegetable containers we manufacture are an innovative solution for the fruit and vegetable sector. The paper used for the trays is FSC® certified. This stands for Forest Stewardship Council® – a programme based on the principles of sustainable development and responsible forest management practices. The certificate guarantees that the raw materials we source come from verified and sources, which certainly makes us stand out as a manufacturer of fruit and vegetable packaging.


Thanks to the use of naturally derived materials, the fruit and vegetable cartboards we produce are fully ecological and biodegradable. This gives us the assurance that we care for the environment and the ecosystem at every stage of production. The goods on offer are safe and can be recycled. They are subjected to strict quality and durability checks at every stage of production. The production process of the fruit and vegetable cardboards takes place in conditions that meet the high sanitary standards required in the fruit and vegetable sector.

Why is appropriate packaging for fruit and vegetables so important?


Firstly, for logistical reasons. Fruit and vegetables are generally small and loose products, hence their transport and logistics require packaging that ensures efficient storage. This also has the advantage of the efficient use of loading space during transport. Trays made of paperboard trays are ideally suited to the size of the products stored. In addition to this, they take up very little space themselves, are thin, yet very sturdy. The right containers for fruit and vegetables make it possible to safely transport all the goods safely and in a way that makes full use of the given loading space, while at the same time ensuring that the fruit and at the same time as ensuring that the fruit and vegetables are not damaged or crushed.


The second important aspect is the extension of shelf life. Fruit and vegetables travel a long delivery route before they reach the the final consumer. Freshness is essential in this sector, hence the importance of important that they are properly protected and arrive in perfect condition. Packing the aforementioned products in fruit and vegetable containers ensures that they are adequately protected throughout the entire delivery cycle. In addition, the natural material used for fruit and vegetable packaging allows the products to continue breathing, thus keeping them fresher for longer. The profiled rims of the tray separate the individual packs in order to protect them during and from damage between each other. The products in the fruit and vegetable containers can be arranged in such a way so that they do not move during transport.


Vegetable and fruit packaging also offers the possibility of displaying the necessary information about the products. Both compulsory information such as name, country of origin, producer, barcode, etc. and promotional – advertising slogans can be placed on them. This is the ideal place to emphasise both the qualities of the goods and to promote healthy eating.


The cardboard packaging we offer for fruit and vegetables:

  • is fully biodegradable and made from natural materials, which is ideal for dealing with fresh produce,
  • can be two or three layers depending on demand, the more layers the more stable it is,
  • the size of the fruit and vegetable packaging can be adapted to the products or standardised, the height of the rim is matched to the height of the products, which helps protect them from damage, as a manufacturer of fruit and vegetable packaging we can design and create any project,
  • the corrugated cardboard used in the trays allows the products to breathe, thus preserving their freshness for longer,
  • facilitates the transport and logistics of products during the loading or storage process,
  • corrugated cardboard has very high strength and is resistant to atmospheric changes, which allows it to be used in selected conditions,
  • corrugated cardboard can be printed with the use of ecological UV technology to give an individual, personalised character to the products on offer.  


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