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Eco Packaging

ECO trays are made in a strong and stable structure from 3 and 5-layer cardboard, most commonly used for storing and transporting fruits and vegetables. We produce ecological trays with the possibility of stacking and fitting a lid.

Our company specializes in creating packaging with a focus on sustainable development and minimal environmental impact. We prioritize innovation, quality, and aesthetics, combining them with a commitment to our planet. Our eco-friendly packaging is tailored to meet the contemporary needs of the market, providing an alternative to traditional single-use materials.


Why you should choose us as a manufacturer of eco-friendly packaging?


Sustainable development: Our eco-friendly packaging is produced with the aim of minimizing environmental impact. We use materials obtained from renewable sources, reducing waste and CO2 emissions.


Innovation: We are constantly looking for new, eco-friendly technologies to deliver sustainable packaging that meets the highest quality standards while being environmentally friendly.


Versatility: We offer a wide range of eco-friendly packaging tailored to various industries and products. Whether you need eco-friendly food packaging or industrial packaging, we have an option for you.


Aesthetics and customization: Our eco-friendly packaging not only protects, but also captures the attention of customers. With the possibility of customization, we can tailor eco-friendly packaging to individual needs and brand image.


Education and awareness: We strive to raise social awareness about the benefits of using eco-friendly packaging. We regularly engage in educational campaigns, inspiring consumers to choose environmentally friendly products.

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Our other products

We specialize in packaging for the fruit and vegetable market. We also create excellent packaging for the meat, poultry and dairy industries. These include packaging both for manual folding and glued on modern folder-gluer machines from a leading company in the European market.